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Show your true colours

Colour is all about perception. From the way your eyes perceive light and colour to form images — to the way colour and colour theory impact the way customers perceive your branding and business.

Colour theory is as much about the art as it is the science of print. We know that certain colours are symbolic of, and evoke certain emotions in an audience, and a basic understanding of colour theory can go a long way when making the very best of your digital and printed collateral. Maintaining consistency across these platforms can be best understood when we explore the two ways in which colour is created:

1. Additive colour spaces, or RGB – is used on screens, where a combination of red, green and blue forms the colours that we see;

2. Subtractive colour spaces, or CMYK – is used in print, and is created by combining cyan, magenta, yellow and black

Each space produces a different spectrum of colour, and accurate colour matching means no surprises from when you view your designs on screen, to when they arrive at your door in print.

Minuteman Press Alexandria are your partners in colour matching and correction, and our experienced graphic designers and print operators are here to help in delivering your project at its best and brightest.

Make a BIG splash!

PostersPosters provide a convenient way of promoting a message or offer. They are simple to make, affordable, eye catching and a professional way to advertise. Posters come in a range of sizes from A3 to A0 – and custom sizing if requested.

With effective design, the right location and the right content, posters provide a way of spreading word about your business that is cost effective and efficient. Their visual appeal can attract many viewers whether on foot or in cars.

Many types of businesses from schools, financial institutions, restaurants, performing arts centers and supply stores can use posters to advertise. Whatever the event, a poster can communicate it clearly.

Our team at Minuteman Press Alexandria takes time to understand your business so that we can help you in your posters needs, whether you need large customized posters or from size A3 to A0.

Season’s Greetings in 2016









The new year is fast approaching!  Why not share some holiday cheer by sending out some personalized Greeting Cards, Christmas Cards or Promotional Products.  Say thank you to your top clients with a custom designed card, notebook, T-shirt, beach towel, calendar, note pad, or… something else creative.  Ask our expert team for advice on the best gift ideas!

Welcome to the digital age


Digital printing has provided a great alternative to offset printing. There is no need for plates and other set up fees, which can be overwhelming and non-economical for a small business. The advancement in technology over the past few years have been amazing, meaning that the quality difference between digital and offset can only be seen by only the most professional eye.

Digital printing provides many options in terms of choice of paper stocks such as coated, uncoated or premium textured and metallic papers. You can also choose binding options such as wire binding and saddle stitch. Digital printing also allows for variable data and mail merge benefits. This makes digital printing valuable for direct marketing, developing customer relationships and in advertising, where there is need to include an address for each recipient.

We understand the importance of accurate printing for your business. Please discuss with our team if you need to print small runs using digital printing.

Banner Up!











Pull up banners are an excellent way to create a stunning display and reach out to your potential clients.  Most often used in office/shop lobbys, these banners can showcase your services or provide a unique visual display to catch the eye.  They are also portable, making them very convenient for conferences or the travelling salesman.  Call us today on 9519 5190 to discuss how you can use a pull up banner to promote your business!



Professional Document Binding

442Professional document binding can lift your business presentation from ordinary to extraordinary! Giving your documents a well presented and thought out appearance, after all first impressions count. There are a variety of ways to bind your document including:


Saddle Stitched Document

  • Saddle stitch – a brochure style bind with two staples holding folded sheets of paper
wire binding

Wire Bound Document

  • Wire Bind – a sophisticated bind with metal looped wire holding the document together
Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 10.31.13

Perfect Bound Document

  • Perfect Bind – this type of bind gives your document the look and feel of a book with a spine that holds the document together with glue

At Minuteman Press Alexandria we provide all these types of binds in a variety of finishes and sizes. To find out more call us today on 9519 5190 or send us an email to [email protected] or drop in to our store Minuteman Press store at 16/30 Maddox St, Alexandria NSW 2015.



Flyers are a great marketing tool for your business. They are an affordable way to reach your database and inform them of an upcoming offer or promotion. Flyers generally come in three sizes, DL/A5/A4 and can be printed on a variety of stock. Digital printing is the ideal method of printing for flyers, which allows a quick turnaround and high volume of flyers at an exceptional price.

Flyers can be distributed in a variety of ways including; mail drop, at other local businesses and by hand out. Flyers can also be sent digitally via email to reach clients that you would be unable to reach with the printed version. Flyers are a great way of promoting an upcoming sale, by adding a call to action such as a coupon or offer onto the flyer you are able to track the success of the flyer.

To find out more call us today on 9519 5190 or send us an email to [email protected] or drop in to our store Minuteman Press store at 16/30 Maddox St, Alexandria NSW 2015.

Cafe Collateral

SOUTHEND-MENUMake a lasting impression on your customer’s by having trendy and modern stationary at your cafe or restaurant. Menu’s don’t need to be a boring, plain piece of office paper, instead you can use a bit of creativity to come up with something inspiring and modern. The surfaces we can print on are endless, why not experiment with laser etching onto wooden clipboards?

Don’t forget to reward your regular customers with a loyalty card scheme. Using custom stamps and interesting stock, your cafe collateral will be taken to a new level of hipster chic!

To find out more call us today on 9519 5190 or send us an email to [email protected] or drop in to our store Minuteman Press store at 16/30 Maddox St, Alexandria NSW 2015.

Promotional Printing


Want a different and fun way to advertise your company? Promotional printing is for you. Get your logo printed onto a variety of products including:

  • T-shirts
  • Usb sticks
  • Umbrellas
  • Lanyards
  • Bags
  • Lunch boxes
  • Stubby holders
  • Wristbands
  • Stress balls
  • The list goes on!…

At Minuteman Press Alexandria we’ve got your promotional printing needs covered. To find out more contact us on 95195190 or [email protected] or visit our friendly team at 16/30 Maddox Street Alexandria 2015.

Christmas in July

christmas-01In the Southern Hemisphere, seasons are in reverse to the Northern Hemisphere, with summer falling in December, January and February and winter falling in June, July and August. Therefore in some southern hemisphere countries, such as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Argentina, Christmas in July or Midwinter Christmas events are undertaken in order to have Christmas with a winter feel in common with the northern hemisphere.

Feeling festive? Why not celebrate Christmas in July! At Minuteman Press Alexandria we can help you design and print festive invites, menu’s, place cards and greeting cards to add that special touch to your Christmas in July celebrations.

To find out more call us today on 9519 5190 or send us an email to [email protected] or drop in to our store Minuteman Press store at 16/30 Maddox St, Alexandria NSW 2015.


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