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Branding that Really Sticks!

Stickers are tried an tested method of increasing your brand presence.

Whether it’s for creative and colourful packaging, product labels or just tagging your logo everywhere, stickers are one of the most cost effective ways to get your brand out there.

Ask our friendly team how you can expand your reach with stickers and labels!

Bounce Back Australia

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Take Note!


Note pads are old school, with all the latest technology available at our fingertips.  However note pads are still relevant to this day because with the sea of information on the internet, it’s actually the real life notes that get noticed!

So printing some note pads with your company branding can be a great way to remember all your daily tasks, while keeping professional and promoting your business.  Note pads are especially popular with dentists, doctors, and organized assistants! But having said that, note pads can be great for anything from keeping notes in a client meeting, writing key information during an on-site assessment, or keeping organized in the office.

So give us a call today, and our team can discuss with you the best layout to keep you organized!

Redecorate your working space!!

Bored of your tired old working environment?  Then redecorate your workspace using our state of the art wall graphics! Printed in full colour, with the potential for custom contour cutting, you can brighten up your wall with stylish designs.

Our adhesive vinyls come in permanent or removable options depending on your requirements.  Talk to our expert team at Minuteman Press Alexandria today about how you can transform your office using wall graphics.


Tear Off Cards


Tear off cards are a new product gathering storm! Traditionally used mainly by cafes to promote coffee, these cards are becoming very popular with local gyms, restaurants, yoga studios, sporting clubs, painters, electricians, plumbers…and anybody in the service industry! They have an information section, and then a small tear off voucher which fits conveniently in your wallet.

Coupled with a catchy artwork design and compelling offer, these tear off cards are a fantastic way to generate interest with potential customers.  Call us today to find out how you can use tear off cards to boost your marketing efforts and promote your brand!

A5 horizontal Booklet
A5 horizontal Booklet

Saddle Stitched Booklets

Look Books, Magazines, Product Catalogues

Have your booklets saddle stitched for easy reading. Types of books that do not contain many pages such as magazines, catalogues, brochures and newsletters are saddle stitched. This involves placing the staples down the spine of the book to bind it resulting in a document that looks professional. The book can lie flat for ease of reading because the stapling is done at the middle.  With the right stock selection, booklets can be produced to a very high standard and is often used in the fashion industry to showcase the latest season’s styles (called a Look Book).

The method is suitable for books with heavier covers as well as with covers like the interior pages papers – self-covers. However, it should be noted that there is a particular thickness when the book becomes too bulky that it does not fold properly. This depends on how thick the paper that has been used is, with the limit usually being around 60 pages. At this point, it is advisable not to use saddle stitching for binding. The pages of the book must be divisible by four for the method to be applicable and it is therefore restrictive. The books to be stitched can be of different sizes whether as small as a pocket guide or as large as a magazine.

saddle stitch booklets

Saddle stitching provides a solution for binding books that have few pages and low quantities. It is favoured due to its low cost and fast turnaround time. This makes promotional materials such as catalogues and brochures available in a short time and inexpensively.

Our team at Minuteman Press Alexandria understands your need to have your booklets, magazines, brochures and printed materials to be bound fast and at low cost. Please contact us for assistance.

Indoor Signage – Revitalize your office!


Indoor signage is a cost effective way to revitalize your office or showroom.  High resolution prints on rigid board panels can brighten up a drab office space, or showcase your products in new and creative ways. The 3 most popular substrates are: 5mm foam core,3mm PVC and 5mm corflute – each with their own strengths.

5mm foam core is a very lightweight panel which is great for easy mounting and transport.  This panel type is very popular for exhibitions as it’s so easy to mount to a wall or stand. 3mm PVC has the most professional look, with a smooth finish and beautiful vibrant colour reproduction. 5mm corflute is cost effective, and can even be used for short term outdoor signage. Corflute signs can also be paired with our handy changeable A-Frames, to allow rapid changes for new season promos.

For additional impact, these substrates can also be contour cut to custom shapes!

Talk to our expert team today about which option would work best with your project and showcase your business in a whole new light!



Window Decals – Display your business!

Window Decals


Window decals are the best way to catch the eye of your customers. Personalised decals make your business to stand out with professionalism – displaying custom-made company branding, graphics and logos, as well as important information such as trading hours. Visual merchandising is one of the most important parts of any business whether it is retail based or not, it is important to be visible to customers. A strong, customised and outstanding window display will help any business blossom.


window decal


Window decals require no maintenance as they can be done on a variety of materials and different styles that will accommodate every need. Whether you want to place them outside or inside, facing in or out, on a clear adhesive or vibrant and bold colours – the choice is up to you! Custom decals are printed on durable vinyl materials that can be weather and UV proof to avoid fading in the sun. Window decals are easily removable with no visible traces on windows, so after that sale promo ends you can just peel them off. If you’re in for the long haul, we have heavy duty decals that can last 5-10 years.


Minuteman Press Alexandria offers fully customised pieces, both big and small, that can fit any budget or business.


Decals can be installed DIY with our quality alignment tapes and then applied directly to the window. Not confident with a self-install? We can offer professional installers to make sure everything is applied perfectly.


Design, proof, and buy your custom decal today at Minuteman Press Alexandria!

Branding that really sticks!

Stickers and labels are a fantastic way to boost your business, and spread your brand. Whether its gloss, matte, indoor or outdoor, holographic, silver, gold, custom die-cut, or decal, Minuteman Press Alexandria are your one-stop shop for all things adhesive.

As well as promotional tools, branded labels can be a brilliant, cost-effective way of creating custom packaging. Forgoing the cost, and larger minimum orders of a custom, off-set run, stickers can personalise anything from cake tins to jars, product packaging, or mailing boxes. Use them as branded, decorative, indicative, or complimentary features for your business or service. Making use of labels and stickers to customise mailing packages can be the difference between drab delivery, and eye-catching, excitable customer experiences! Complimentary branded stickers can also be a fantastic way to spread your image, and build brand awareness, all whilst giving back to your audiences.

Our sticker and label service can help elevate, and customise your service. We stock a huge variety of stocks and label qualities, and are experts in advising to suit your business’ needs. Give Minuteman Press Alexandria a ring today, and we’ll help make your brand stick.

Desktop and Wall Calendars


Desktop and wall calendars are a fantastic way to maintain engagement with your audience and customers all year-round. Weekly, monthly, built-in to-do lists, inspiring quotes, or hilarious jokes ­­– there are infinite ways to make your branded calendar useful and engaging. Our in-house designers can help in expertly designing and customising a personalised calendar for your business. As tokens of gratitude or complimentary gifts, customers are sure to be thankful for practical merchendise, and the next time they look up from their desks, or go to mark an important date, they’ll be reminded of your service.

Minuteman Press Alexandria specialise in the efficient, and high-quality production of calendars. Wire-bound, cut to size, and shipped to you, or even straight to your customers, we are your one-stop-shop for superior print calendars. Contact us today about how we can design, print, and promote your business through desktop and wall calendar marketing.




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Whether you need advice on graphic design, printing or finishing, the team at Minuteman Press can guide you every step of the way. From concepts to completion, we are here to help you create professional printed and marketing products of the highest standard. No job is too big or too small, contact us today!

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