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Manual Printing Sydney

Training Manuals / Procedure Manuals

Have them clear – make instructions clear by having manuals with easy to understand texts and illustrations.

Training and procedure manuals are important documents in an organisation. Many businesses in Sydney print training manual booklets with us. They help the work to run smoothly because everyone knows what needs to be done from the instructions provided. To be useful they need to have the right information and be printed clearly. They should also be bound in a way that is economical and easy to use regardless of whether they are a small book or a comprehensive book.

Manuals are not promotional in nature, and therefore it is not necessary to produce them in colour. They can be produced in black on white paper or in two colours in order to save and reduce the printing cost. However, colour can be used to clarify information on illustrations and to add details on photos.

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Training Manual Printing Sydney

Manual Printing Materials

How often the manual is used should determine the kind of materials that should be used for printing in terms of the paper and cover weight. For instance, product manuals that are used a few times and discarded can be printed on papers and covers that are of lightweight. Procedure manuals that are used by many people in an organisation should have materials that are of heavier weight. If the manuals will be used in field for repairs, the pages and cover should be laminated to prevent dirt or oil from damaging them.

The binding on the manual should depend on factors such as its size. For instance, if it has many pages, then perfect binding is more appropriate and if the pages are few to about 64, then saddle stitch should be used. If the pages are very few, such as 8 pages, there is no need for binding as it can be printed on a large piece of paper that can be folded into panels. A manual that needs changing periodically by swapping pages needs a binding method that will allow easy removal of pages such as ring binding. The method also allows index tabs to be inserted. Wire binding is appropriate for repair manuals to enable them lie flat when open so that the person doing repairs can refer to the manual while keeping their hands free.

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The Use of Training Manuals

To ensure effectiveness of training manuals and not to spend a lot of money, print manuals in small batches because their content tends to change often. This will prevent you from having outdated manuals that are not useful. For instance, if the training being done is for 50 people, then you should print the same number of manuals. By the time another training is done, the content may have changed with new development and updates, which means that the old manuals cannot be used. The best binding is wire and ring due to their flexibility of allowing the manual to lay flat and one does not need to keep holding the manual in order to see the page.

The usefulness of training and procedure manuals in a business cannot be underestimated. It is therefore important to ensure that the manuals are effective and efficient in their intended purpose.

If you need to print a training or procedure manual, it is important that you know your options before hand in order to get the best results. Here at Minuteman Press Sydney, Alexandria, our team is ready to assist you print the best manual that will suit your needs.

At Minuteman Press Alexandria, we understand how important printing is for your business. Discuss with our team in Sydney if you need fast and best quality printing for your business today!

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