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High Quality Water, Heat and Tear Resistant

A Vinyl is a highly durable and weather resistant material. It is also one of the choice materials for manufacturing long-lasting stickers. Vinyl by nature is highly compatible with many modifiers and additives. So, no matter the composition of your sticker, you are sure to get a nice finish.

Durable Quality Vinyl Sticker SydneyIf you’re looking for a strong long lasting material, Vinyl is certainly the best choice. They may come in various colors but the white color remains the ideal for stickers. Printed Vinyl stickers are simply high-quality print stickers done on Vinyl materials. They are suitable for outdoor and indoor uses and stands the test of time.

The various kinds of Vinyl stickers include:

1. The Clear Vinyl sticker
This kind of stickers is designed to appear clear and stick well on any surface. This kind of sticker can be used on car windshields, water cans, and outdoor displays, for advert purposes on café windows and even on wooden surfaces. Sometimes, a thin layer of white is added behind the design to enhance its looks.

2. Solid Vinyl Sticker
This kind of Vinyl is ideal for a silkscreen printing. They come in basically two colors which are yellow and white. The fine thing about Solid Vinyl stickers is that it allows you to utilize the stock color in your design for a better end result.

3. The Static Clingy Vinyl Sticker
For lovers of decals, this kind of sticker is ideal. It is designed on a thin layer of Vinyl with a static charge. It is one kind of sticker that loves to stay on smooth surfaces. It is one sticker that will stay perfectly well on your plastic souvenirs. They can also be used for car windshield sticker display. They come in both front and back face printing. The back face printing is designed to be placed on the inside of the windshield. They can be either opaque or clear, it all boils down to your choice.

Vinyl stickers remain one of the most widely used stickers in Australia today. This is due to their high-end results and our customers love it!

Do you need to print custom outdoor stickers? Make sure you are getting the results you want!

Did you enjoy reading this post? Share it with your friends.

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