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Use offset printing to meet your high volume printing in Sydney needs such as books, magazines, newspapers and brochures. This will provide you with images of high quality on different printing surfaces such as wood, metal, cloth and plastic.

Offset printing involves burning a print image on a plate and then transferring it to a rubber blanket and to the printing surface. It requires heavy investment in printing equipment and a lot of time is used to make the plates, colour proofs and films. It is the oldest form of printing before digital printing came up.

Despite its complicated nature, many benefits arise from its use. Offset printing produces images that are of high quality and printing can be done on different surfaces such as on cloths, metal, plastic and wood.

It is suitable for printing large volume of work because the cost of each unit reduces as the quantity produced goes up. This makes it cost effective in jobs of high volume because despite the set up cost being high, the more quantity that is produced the lower the cost for each unit. Offset printing produces high volume of high quality at a lower cost in comparison to digital printing.

Business Cards Printing Alexandria SydneyThe benefits of offset printing have been enhanced by changing some of its processes. Instead of using computer to film, it is using computer to plate systems, and therefore improving the quality of work.

Digital printing is suitable for high volume printing where cost per unit is low. If it is used for low quantity jobs, it can result to high cost per unit and therefore not economical and this is where digital printing is preferred. The method provides a lot of flexibility on the type of printing surface used including cloths, metal, wood and plastic. Printing can also be done on unique sizes, something that digital printing is still catching up on.

There are no instances of ink running out or fading in printed products because this is controlled in offset printing. It ensures that the printed items have high quality colour that is not smudged. You will get your books, brochure, magazines and other high volume printing in high quality colours and in clear images with no smudged ink.

In terms of colour, offset printing is cost effective in the use of black and one or two colours. This is especially noted in use of Pantone system where it uses the actual ink and therefore providing the best match unlike digital printing which only replicates the colour and may produce colour matching that is less accurate.

Offset printing may not provide you with fast turnaround the way digital printing does, or produce an accurate proof inexpensively, but it offers high quality and quantity work and at a low cost per unit.

More benefits accrue to the use of offset printing than the drawbacks. If you want to print large quantities and at the same time obtain high quality work, then offset printing is the way to do it.

We understand the importance of high volume printing for your business. Please discuss with our team if you need to print large volumes using offset printing in Sydney, Alexandria.

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