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Custom Printed for Outdoor

Stickers present themselves as an important tool, both in terms of functionality and fun. Stickers let us express ourselves, label our items (see custom sticker rolls), goods, valuables, be used as posters, logos, designs, infographics, road signs, and so on. Depending on the usage, stickers can be of varied types and sizes. Custom Outdoor Sticker PrintingThe difference in terms of type comes from the different materials used in crafting and designing the stickers, and the materials are selected in accordance with the sticker’s intended usage.

Outdoor stickers are designed specifically for out-of-the-room usage. When we say out-of-the-room, we can understand that it basically means extreme exposure to sunlight, water, dust, etc. In order to craft good quality outdoor stickers, we must ensure that the material has strong resistance to U.V light, water, heat & cold, and scratches.

Types of material used for outdoor stickers

1) Industrial Vinyl
This material is primarily used for custom outdoor stickers. Its lifetime ranges from nine to eleven years and is UV fade-resistant, along with being weather and chemical resistant. The unique quality of industrial vinyl is its stretching capacity, which allows it to be applied on sharp-edged surfaces. Industrial Vinyl has a very high tensile strength.

2) Cling Vinyl
Cling Vinyl or Static Cling Vinyl uses static electricity to cling to a surface, and hence they do not require any sort of adhesive. This material is used to craft stickers for smooth and even surfaces like glass, metal etc.

3) Foil Stickers
This type of material comes in both low and high gloss finish, and in silver and gold colour. Among other uses, this material is extensively used to make road signs and it requires permanent adhesive. Foil stickers can be applied on both paper and vinyl material and are resistant to abrasion, moisture, friction, and condensation.

Customized outdoor stickers can be used on glass, plastic, textured & painted surfaces, metal surfaces, etc. We can use it for outdoor advertising, as bumper stickers for our vehicles (see custom car sticker printing Sydney), as instruction label on safety equipment and other tools, horticulture & nursery labels, oil rigs, cables, outdoor toys, and can even be used to groom up the lawn area for your children by marking the fences and specific areas.

Practically, the use of outdoor stickers can only be limited by your imagination. It is extremely functional due to its durability, and cost-effectiveness, making it a great choice.

You may also be interested in custom die cut stickers.

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