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Window Decals


Window decals are the best way to catch the eye of your customers. Personalised decals make your business to stand out with professionalism – displaying custom-made company branding, graphics and logos, as well as important information such as trading hours. Visual merchandising is one of the most important parts of any business whether it is retail based or not, it is important to be visible to customers. A strong, customised and outstanding window display will help any business blossom.


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Window decals require no maintenance as they can be done on a variety of materials and different styles that will accommodate every need. Whether you want to place them outside or inside, facing in or out, on a clear adhesive or vibrant and bold colours – the choice is up to you! Custom decals are printed on durable vinyl materials that can be weather and UV proof to avoid fading in the sun. Window decals are easily removable with no visible traces on windows, so after that sale promo ends you can just peel them off. If you’re in for the long haul, we have heavy duty decals that can last 5-10 years.


Minuteman Press Alexandria offers fully customised pieces, both big and small, that can fit any budget or business.


Decals can be installed DIY with our quality alignment tapes and then applied directly to the window. Not confident with a self-install? We can offer professional installers to make sure everything is applied perfectly.


Design, proof, and buy your custom decal today at Minuteman Press Alexandria!

Show your true colours

Colour is all about perception. From the way your eyes perceive light and colour to form images — to the way colour and colour theory impact the way customers perceive your branding and business.

Colour theory is as much about the art as it is the science of print. We know that certain colours are symbolic of, and evoke certain emotions in an audience, and a basic understanding of colour theory can go a long way when making the very best of your digital and printed collateral. Maintaining consistency across these platforms can be best understood when we explore the two ways in which colour is created:

1. Additive colour spaces, or RGB – is used on screens, where a combination of red, green and blue forms the colours that we see;

2. Subtractive colour spaces, or CMYK – is used in print, and is created by combining cyan, magenta, yellow and black

Each space produces a different spectrum of colour, and accurate colour matching means no surprises from when you view your designs on screen, to when they arrive at your door in print.

Minuteman Press Alexandria are your partners in colour matching and correction, and our experienced graphic designers and print operators are here to help in delivering your project at its best and brightest.

Christmas in July

christmas-01In the Southern Hemisphere, seasons are in reverse to the Northern Hemisphere, with summer falling in December, January and February and winter falling in June, July and August. Therefore in some southern hemisphere countries, such as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Argentina, Christmas in July or Midwinter Christmas events are undertaken in order to have Christmas with a winter feel in common with the northern hemisphere.

Feeling festive? Why not celebrate Christmas in July! At Minuteman Press Alexandria we can help you design and print festive invites, menu’s, place cards and greeting cards to add that special touch to your Christmas in July celebrations.

To find out more call us today on 9519 5190 or send us an email to [email protected] or drop in to our store Minuteman Press store at 16/30 Maddox St, Alexandria NSW 2015.


Banner Printing Bonanza

Now, even though digital printing technology has made graphic design and also printing, just about everything we want, available to us at the click of a couple of a button, the art of printing banners remains one all its own.

Rollup Banner Printing Sydney AustraliaIn the digital printing world, banners can be printed in all shapes and sizes, although this is probably one of the more intricate and difficult methods of digital printing. Not only does a banner usually depict something that a company wants to show to its potential customers, it also has to be able to take quite a beating. Most banners are used temporarily at certain locations and then rolled up and moved to other locations. This is something that happens less often with posters or something of the like.

So, now that you’ve got the graphic design down and you have designed something you want to put on a banner for your company, what kind of banner you want? Do you want a simple banner that you want to hang over a sales stand? Or do you want something more like a presentation type banner that has its own stand attached to it. Usually these types of banners can be pulled up and attached to the top of their stands, functioning as mobile banners. These are usually an excellent quality as they are more for presentations and indoor business sales events.. Read more

Digital Printing Makes A3 to A0 Printing More Popular

With the ever developing technology in digital printing, the oversized and irregular formats such as A3 and A0 are becoming increasingly more popular! The quality that can be printed these days with digital printing technology is impeccable, even on these larger backgrounds such as A3 and A0.

In the old days, the only people that were using these types of formats were movie theaters and bigger companies that were promoting sales or roadside information. In the time of the traditional methods of printing, before the digital methods became available and widely usable, printing just one or two of an item of this size would have been extremely costly. A print plate would’ve had to have been made and designed for use in printing maybe only one or two larger size posters. Read more

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Whether you need advice on graphic design, printing or finishing, the team at Minuteman Press can guide you every step of the way. From concepts to completion, we are here to help you create professional printed and marketing products of the highest standard. No job is too big or too small, contact us today!

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