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Window Decals – Display your business!

Window Decals


Window decals are the best way to catch the eye of your customers. Personalised decals make your business to stand out with professionalism – displaying custom-made company branding, graphics and logos, as well as important information such as trading hours. Visual merchandising is one of the most important parts of any business whether it is retail based or not, it is important to be visible to customers. A strong, customised and outstanding window display will help any business blossom.


window decal


Window decals require no maintenance as they can be done on a variety of materials and different styles that will accommodate every need. Whether you want to place them outside or inside, facing in or out, on a clear adhesive or vibrant and bold colours – the choice is up to you! Custom decals are printed on durable vinyl materials that can be weather and UV proof to avoid fading in the sun. Window decals are easily removable with no visible traces on windows, so after that sale promo ends you can just peel them off. If you’re in for the long haul, we have heavy duty decals that can last 5-10 years.


Minuteman Press Alexandria offers fully customised pieces, both big and small, that can fit any budget or business.


Decals can be installed DIY with our quality alignment tapes and then applied directly to the window. Not confident with a self-install? We can offer professional installers to make sure everything is applied perfectly.


Design, proof, and buy your custom decal today at Minuteman Press Alexandria!

Show your true colours

Colour is all about perception. From the way your eyes perceive light and colour to form images — to the way colour and colour theory impact the way customers perceive your branding and business.

Colour theory is as much about the art as it is the science of print. We know that certain colours are symbolic of, and evoke certain emotions in an audience, and a basic understanding of colour theory can go a long way when making the very best of your digital and printed collateral. Maintaining consistency across these platforms can be best understood when we explore the two ways in which colour is created:

1. Additive colour spaces, or RGB – is used on screens, where a combination of red, green and blue forms the colours that we see;

2. Subtractive colour spaces, or CMYK – is used in print, and is created by combining cyan, magenta, yellow and black

Each space produces a different spectrum of colour, and accurate colour matching means no surprises from when you view your designs on screen, to when they arrive at your door in print.

Minuteman Press Alexandria are your partners in colour matching and correction, and our experienced graphic designers and print operators are here to help in delivering your project at its best and brightest.

Professional Document Binding

442Professional document binding can lift your business presentation from ordinary to extraordinary! Giving your documents a well presented and thought out appearance, after all first impressions count. There are a variety of ways to bind your document including:


Saddle Stitched Document

  • Saddle stitch – a brochure style bind with two staples holding folded sheets of paper
wire binding

Wire Bound Document

  • Wire Bind – a sophisticated bind with metal looped wire holding the document together
Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 10.31.13

Perfect Bound Document

  • Perfect Bind – this type of bind gives your document the look and feel of a book with a spine that holds the document together with glue

At Minuteman Press Alexandria we provide all these types of binds in a variety of finishes and sizes. To find out more call us today on 9519 5190 or send us an email to [email protected] or drop in to our store Minuteman Press store at 16/30 Maddox St, Alexandria NSW 2015.



Flyers are a great marketing tool for your business. They are an affordable way to reach your database and inform them of an upcoming offer or promotion. Flyers generally come in three sizes, DL/A5/A4 and can be printed on a variety of stock. Digital printing is the ideal method of printing for flyers, which allows a quick turnaround and high volume of flyers at an exceptional price.

Flyers can be distributed in a variety of ways including; mail drop, at other local businesses and by hand out. Flyers can also be sent digitally via email to reach clients that you would be unable to reach with the printed version. Flyers are a great way of promoting an upcoming sale, by adding a call to action such as a coupon or offer onto the flyer you are able to track the success of the flyer.

To find out more call us today on 9519 5190 or send us an email to [email protected] or drop in to our store Minuteman Press store at 16/30 Maddox St, Alexandria NSW 2015.

Cafe Collateral

SOUTHEND-MENUMake a lasting impression on your customer’s by having trendy and modern stationary at your cafe or restaurant. Menu’s don’t need to be a boring, plain piece of office paper, instead you can use a bit of creativity to come up with something inspiring and modern. The surfaces we can print on are endless, why not experiment with laser etching onto wooden clipboards?

Don’t forget to reward your regular customers with a loyalty card scheme. Using custom stamps and interesting stock, your cafe collateral will be taken to a new level of hipster chic!

To find out more call us today on 9519 5190 or send us an email to [email protected] or drop in to our store Minuteman Press store at 16/30 Maddox St, Alexandria NSW 2015.

Zines – Fun & Quirky Printing


Zines are self-published, small-circulation booklets. At Minuteman Press Alexandria, we often print zines for comic artist, fashion labels and hobby enthusiasts. Zines come in all shapes and sizes, giving the publication a individual & quirky look and feel. A variety of stocks can be used when printing zines, here at Minuteman Press Alexandria we recommend a thick stock from 200gsm to 300gsm for the cover of your zine and a thinner stock of 80gsm to 150gsm for the inside pages.

To find out more call us today on 9519 5190 or send us an email to [email protected] or drop in to our store at 16/30 Maddox St, Alexandria NSW 2015.

Digital Printing Makes Promotional Items for Your Business a Breeze

These days, digital printing technology has made it possible for us to personalize just about everything. A lot big companies as well as smaller businesses are taking advantage of this technology with all its abilities, to personalize their business stationery, greeting cards, business cards and so much more.

I always say that if there’s a way for you to set yourself apart as a businessperson, I believe that you should try everything you can to utilize that opportunity. As I explained, in previous articles the phenomena of personalization is running rampant among those in the business community, as people are slowly realizing that almost everyone will have the ability to make something unique. Read more

A Perfect Bind

Because of the numerous opportunities that come attached to the technology of digital printing, especially for business people, we constantly have to make decisions about things we never had to make decisions about before. In the past, usually advertising agencies did all the advertising and everything that had to do with advertising for a company. It was your ad agent that dealt with printers and binding methods. These days, with technology like digital printing and even the Internet, people are becoming more self-sustaining and also are able to achieve the same results as an advertising agency did in the past but for little to no money. Read more

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Whether you need advice on graphic design, printing or finishing, the team at Minuteman Press can guide you every step of the way. From concepts to completion, we are here to help you create professional printed and marketing products of the highest standard. No job is too big or too small, contact us today!

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