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Wire Bound Books (including Information Books, Product Catalogues, and Recipe Books)

“WireIn wire binding, the pages are secured together by wire loops that have been crimped together. The binding can be done in such a way that the spines are enclosed, partially enclosed or open depending on the preference. The loops are available in different colors apart from silver, which is the natural color of metal.

What is a Wire Bound Book?

With this type of binding, the pages can turn easily, open wide and lay flat for easy reading. The book can also be opened back to back without damaging the spine. Information is not buried near the spine of the book. This makes the binding suitable for reports, product catalogues, information books, music books and recipe books as well as travel guides and atlases that need pages to remain open without being held. The pages also turn easily by rotating around the loops while providing little resistance unlike those of a saddle stitched or perfect bound books. The pages remain open without being held to open, making the method suitable for a workbook, journal or a manual. The same feature of the pages flipping easily makes the method suitable for calendars and lack of spinal tension enables it to be flat on the wall.

The method is flexible because pages of different thickness and materials can be used in the book. The final product can be of any size, with low or high number of pages. This is because the loops are of different sizes for use on books with varying thickness. If a book is thick then its needs a wire with a larger gauze and larger diameter of the loop so that the book can function properly and it can maintain its aesthetics. Pages can be removed easily without damaging the binding and a single sheet can be inserted.

Wire binding works well with the use of index tabs. Because there is no need to hold the pages open, page dividers assist the user to locate a topic or a page especially in reference documents such as presentations, reports and training manuals. The dividers have printed tabs in different colors or they use numerical codes for ease of use.

Binding books with wire is still popular because it can be used for production runs that are shorter. In addition, it does not require a lot of preparation, folded signatures or adhesives because it is a direct method. In addition, the loops are available in different colors and sizes and one can choose the suitable loop depending on needs.

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The books look professional and sophisticated, and the wires provide a polished look. This makes the method common for binding documents in the financial and legal industries. The loops are also strong because they are metal and the use of the documents can span for many years.

It is good to remember about accommodating the spine on margins by leaving about 10mm of space. This ensures that written information is not bound with the wire loops.

Wire Bound Books Last Longer

Binding books with wire ensures that the binding lasts long due to the durability of the wire. This flexible method can be used with different sizes of books and varying types of paper.

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