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Perfect Bound Books (including Annual Reports, Information Books, Product Catalogues)

Bind your thick and thin books and other documents using perfect binding. Even though the method works well with documents from thickness of about 3mm, perfect binding is the suitable method for binding thick books with a soft cover. It can be used to bind magazines, catalogs, annual reports, manuals and books of different thickness. Perfect binding can be used for binding documents with more pages, than other methods such as saddle stitching. However, it is not advisable to use this method for very thin books because the spine space is too small and cannot hold enough glue to keep the pages together. That is why a document or book to be bound should be at least 3 mm. You should note that the thickness of the book does not depend on the number of pages but on the thickness of the pages used.

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Perfect Bound Printing SydneyThe binding is done by gluing the cover and pages together at the spine using strong thermal EVA -ethylene vinyl acetate – glue. For the best results, the materials used for text pages should not be heavier than 150gsm. For materials of heavier stock, stronger adhesive or PUR- polyurethane reactive- binding should be used.

Professional Perfect Binding Books

Perfect binding produces a professional feel, the documents are visually appealing and they stack well. The square spine that is formed provides a good space for printing the book’s title and other relevant information that is required in identifying it when on the shelves, something that is not provided by saddle stitch and wire binding. However, thin spines are not suitable for printing because they are not wide enough to display the printing properly. For printing to be large enough for easy reading, the spine should have a thickness of at least ¼ inch.

This method is suitable even if you want to have a few books printed and bound because it can accommodate short runs. Therefore, if you are an author and you only need a few books, you can use the short runs. The same benefit can be used by organizations and businesses that do not want to spend a lot of money, by printing only the books or documents that they need.

Despite the many benefits, perfect binding has some drawbacks though they have been outnumbered by benefits. A book that is bound with perfect binding does not lay flat due to the thick layer of the glue that makes the book to resist bending. If you aggressively force the book open, the spine snaps with a crack. The books and documents bound with this method may be damaged due to frequent use and the binding have a tendency of failing under extreme temperature.

Producing a perfect bound book or document is economical, and it can be done even for short runs. The binding leaves the book with a professional appearance, making the method a choice for most businesses and organizations. A thick enough spine has space for printing information that can help in identifying the book such as the book title.

For your perfect binding needs, please contact our team at Minuteman Press Alexandria for assistance.

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