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Cafe Collateral

SOUTHEND-MENUMake a lasting impression on your customer’s by having trendy and modern stationary at your cafe or restaurant. Menu’s don’t need to be a boring, plain piece of office paper, instead you can use a bit of creativity to come up with something inspiring and modern. The surfaces we can print on are endless, why not experiment with laser etching onto wooden clipboards?

Don’t forget to reward your regular customers with a loyalty card scheme. Using custom stamps and interesting stock, your cafe collateral will be taken to a new level of hipster chic!

To find out more call us today on 9519 5190 or send us an email to print@mmpcentral.com.au or drop in to our store Minuteman Press store at 16/30 Maddox St, Alexandria NSW 2015.

Promotional Printing


Want a different and fun way to advertise your company? Promotional printing is for you. Get your logo printed onto a variety of products including:

  • T-shirts
  • Usb sticks
  • Umbrellas
  • Lanyards
  • Bags
  • Lunch boxes
  • Stubby holders
  • Wristbands
  • Stress balls
  • The list goes on!…

At Minuteman Press Alexandria we’ve got your promotional printing needs covered. To find out more contact us on 95195190 or print@mmpcentral.com.au or visit our friendly team at 16/30 Maddox Street Alexandria 2015.

Christmas in July

christmas-01In the Southern Hemisphere, seasons are in reverse to the Northern Hemisphere, with summer falling in December, January and February and winter falling in June, July and August. Therefore in some southern hemisphere countries, such as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Argentina, Christmas in July or Midwinter Christmas events are undertaken in order to have Christmas with a winter feel in common with the northern hemisphere.

Feeling festive? Why not celebrate Christmas in July! At Minuteman Press Alexandria we can help you design and print festive invites, menu’s, place cards and greeting cards to add that special touch to your Christmas in July celebrations.

To find out more call us today on 9519 5190 or send us an email to print@mmpcentral.com.au or drop in to our store Minuteman Press store at 16/30 Maddox St, Alexandria NSW 2015.


Business Marketing Collateral


Branding your business with clever and eye catching collateral, is an effective way to promote your brand. Marketing collateral is used to support a company’s primary advertising message to consumers. Marketing collateral is also used to communicate important information to channel partners about a company’s products or services.

Types of effective collateral:

  • Banners
  • Posters
  • Stickers
  • Letterheads
  • Notepads
  • Slideshows
  • Pencils/Pens
  • the list goes on!…

At Minuteman Press Alexandria we can help you design and print your collateral. To find out more call us today on 9519 5190 or send us an email to print@mmpcentral.com.au or drop in to our store at 16/30 Maddox St, Alexandria NSW 2015.

Business Cards – A vital marketing tool!


Business cards have a purpose as part of common business etiquette and as a simple and affordable way to pass out your contact info, but they are also a very effective marketing tool.

Four Steps for Business Card Marketing Success

1. Explain what you have to offer – eg. “Best Pizza in Sydney” “ Fresh ingredients, free delivery”

2. Include a call to action – e.g. “Like us on Facebook for 10% of your first order” “ visit your site.com for specials”

3. Look professional and modern- Visit Minuteman Press Alexandria for our professional advice on printing your business cards.

4. Maximize content and usability – You are not limited to one side of your card, be sure to utilise both sides by adding extra info like office hours or a small map to your store.

If you are after a business card design or business card refresh be sure to contact Minuteman Press Alexandria for a free quote and design consultation on 9519 5190 or email print@mmpcentral.com.au. MMP Alexandria can help you design and print your business cards to effectively market yourself and your business today!

Zines – Fun & Quirky Printing


Zines are self-published, small-circulation booklets. At Minuteman Press Alexandria, we often print zines for comic artist, fashion labels and hobby enthusiasts. Zines come in all shapes and sizes, giving the publication a individual & quirky look and feel. A variety of stocks can be used when printing zines, here at Minuteman Press Alexandria we recommend a thick stock from 200gsm to 300gsm for the cover of your zine and a thinner stock of 80gsm to 150gsm for the inside pages.

To find out more call us today on 9519 5190 or send us an email to print@mmpcentral.com.au or drop in to our store at 16/30 Maddox St, Alexandria NSW 2015.

Print Marketing Materials



As technology continues to develop and change the way we do business many have considered print a dead medium and online marketing the wave of the future. However, the print industry is far from dead; in fact, print marketing has only continued to grow and advance alongside the increase of new technology.

Direct mail continues to be used heavily, with a 43% share of total local retail advertising. And, according to a Pitney Bowes survey, 76% of small businesses say their ideal marketing strategy incorporates a combination of both print and digital communication.

There are many reasons why print is (and will remain) an effective tool for delivering your message to your audiences.

At Minuteman Press Alexandria we offer a variety of marketing solutions for your business, these include:

  • Banners
  • Direct Mail
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Flags
  • Postcards
  • Posters
  • Promotional products
  • The list goes on…

To find out more call us today on 9519 5190 or send us an email to print@mmpcentral.com.au or drop in to our store at 16/30 Maddox St, Alexandria NSW 2015.

Digital Printing Makes Promotional Items for Your Business a Breeze

These days, digital printing technology has made it possible for us to personalize just about everything. A lot big companies as well as smaller businesses are taking advantage of this technology with all its abilities, to personalize their business stationery, greeting cards, business cards and so much more.

I always say that if there’s a way for you to set yourself apart as a businessperson, I believe that you should try everything you can to utilize that opportunity. As I explained, in previous articles the phenomena of personalization is running rampant among those in the business community, as people are slowly realizing that almost everyone will have the ability to make something unique. Read more

A Perfect Bind

Because of the numerous opportunities that come attached to the technology of digital printing, especially for business people, we constantly have to make decisions about things we never had to make decisions about before. In the past, usually advertising agencies did all the advertising and everything that had to do with advertising for a company. It was your ad agent that dealt with printers and binding methods. These days, with technology like digital printing and even the Internet, people are becoming more self-sustaining and also are able to achieve the same results as an advertising agency did in the past but for little to no money. Read more

Banner Printing Bonanza

Now, even though digital printing technology has made graphic design and also printing, just about everything we want, available to us at the click of a couple of a button, the art of printing banners remains one all its own.

Rollup Banner Printing Sydney AustraliaIn the digital printing world, banners can be printed in all shapes and sizes, although this is probably one of the more intricate and difficult methods of digital printing. Not only does a banner usually depict something that a company wants to show to its potential customers, it also has to be able to take quite a beating. Most banners are used temporarily at certain locations and then rolled up and moved to other locations. This is something that happens less often with posters or something of the like.

So, now that you’ve got the graphic design down and you have designed something you want to put on a banner for your company, what kind of banner you want? Do you want a simple banner that you want to hang over a sales stand? Or do you want something more like a presentation type banner that has its own stand attached to it. Usually these types of banners can be pulled up and attached to the top of their stands, functioning as mobile banners. These are usually an excellent quality as they are more for presentations and indoor business sales events.. Read more

Get in Touch

Whether you need advice on graphic design, printing or finishing, the team at Minuteman Press can guide you every step of the way. From concepts to completion, we are here to help you create professional printed and marketing products of the highest standard. No job is too big or too small, contact us today!

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